4 Essential Sock Rules That Make a Head-to-Toe Difference

4 Essential Sock Rules That Make a Head-to-Toe Difference

Socks serve a bigger purpose than one might think. Whether you’re going for a run or running for office, your socks say a lot about how much you comport yourself. While comfort and fashion don’t really come with a rule book, some rules are preferably left unbroken. Here are a great few sock rules to follow.

4 Sock Rules You Wouldn’t Want to Break

3. Don’t Hold onto Mismatched Pairs 

Yes, one of the most annoying things in the world is when one sock somehow disappears into a void. But pairing up whoever is left with each other isn’t the best solution unless you had more of the same pair.

Socks always come in pairs. And while there are plenty of sock designs out there that aren’t identical, the feeling of wearing them together is the same. It’s a different story if you’re wearing two white socks from different pairs made of different materials, one more worn out than the other, with uneven elastic height on the ankles.

2. One Hole Is Too Many

No holes. Ever. 

No matter how much you love a certain pair of socks, you can’t keep using them if they have holes. Wear and tear will only make the hole bigger to the point where your toes or skin becomes exposed and feel inside your shoes. 

One or two holes are completely patchable. You can simply sow them shut so that your feet stay safe and comfy. But if they’re everywhere and the fabric is a little worn out, throw them away. They’ve outlived and served their purpose. Socks with holes only increase your risk of blisters and fungal infections.

3. Gym Socks and Dress Socks Should Be Separate

Think of gym socks like a pet. You can take them out for walks, exercising, and sporty activities, but you never take them out on a first date, a job interview, or a formal event. Gym socks may be socks too, but they should not be interchangeable with your formal dress socks. 

Aside from aesthetics, gym socks are meant to handle strenuous activities and keep things breathable while you exercise. On the other hand, dress socks can tie together a look or give your outfit the pop it needs. You wouldn’t want to wear out your prettiest pairs of socks.

4. Diversify Your Sock Game

Socks are just as much part of an outfit as any other accessory, like a hat or your jacket. Having socks that reflect a bit of your personality can change up your look and give your closet more options to work with. Don’t be afraid to explore different styles!


Socks, above all else, need to be comfy and can protect your feet when you step outside or keep you warm inside. These rules dial in on comfort as they also do in fashion. Take these tips to heart to look and feel good every step of the way.   

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