5 Excellent Reasons to Wear Your Socks to Bed: Our Guide

5 Excellent Reasons to Wear Your Socks to Bed: Our Guide

Do you often sleep with your socks on? Why or why not? Either way, you probably have a good reason for your choice.

But did you know that you shouldn’t just base your decision on your preference? Science actually has something to say about your sock-wearing habit at night––it’s a really good idea!
You may be interested to know that wearing socks to bed can be truly beneficial for the skin, the quality of sleep, and even one’s sex life! If this is something you’re interested in, here are some of the best reasons to wear socks to bed, according to your trusted sock shop in Australia:

1. It Can Get You Snoozing Faster

If counting sheep doesn’t work for you, you might want to consider donning a pair of comfy socks. Even the Sleep Health Foundation agrees that by warming your feet, you are sending signals to your brain that it’s time to have some shut-eye. And what could be a better way to warm your feet than slipping on fuzzy socks.

2. It Can Help Enhance the Quality of Your Sleep

The body temperature and the circadian rhythm are closely tied together. As such, it’s important to maintain a balanced level of warmth while you sleep. The thing is that your body temperature fluctuates during the day, and it usually drops at night. When you sleep, that’s when the body reaches the lowest temperature, and it starts to rise right before you awaken.
Ideally, the temperature should be in the mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but your hands and feet still need to be warm for you to enjoy a deeper and longer sleep. Wearing your favourite socks at night can help you regulate your body temperature better and achieve a better sleep quality!

3. It Can Help Improve Your Skin

If you are suffering from dry and cracked feet, one of the best solutions to your problem is applying a moisturiser to your feet and then wearing socks over them. This significantly improves the texture of your skin while at the same time softening calluses so that you can buff them off quickly.

4. It Can Help Boost Your Sex Life

Here’s an interesting trivia: it is said that women who wear socks to bed are 30% more likely to orgasm. Isn’t that surprising? The reasons for this are still unknown, but it may have something to do with the fact that wearing socks supports better circulation!

5. It Can Help Lessen the Effects of Menopause

Any woman who has gone through menopause will tell you that the experience is no joke. From the hormonal changes to those pesky hot flashes, the symptoms of a menopausal woman are enough to drive them crazy.
Thankfully, something as simple as wearing socks to bed can help lessen those irritable symptoms, thanks to a process known as vasodilation. This happens when blood vessels dilate and allow for better blood circulation and better sleep at night.

At this point, you now can see that those socks are not just for completing your outfit or making your long walks more comfortable.

Even when you’re just home, you can enjoy the benefits of wearing socks, especially when you’re about to sleep at night. If you are one of the countless people who regularly suffer from sleeping problems, consider wearing socks at night and see how big a change it can bring to your life!
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