Liner Socks - The Best Protection Against Foot Blisters

Liner Socks - The Best Protection Against Foot Blisters

Foot blisters are undoubtedly unpleasant. Everyone with an active lifestyle tries everything to avoid them, but buying band-aids or wearing foot wraps aren’t long-term solutions to this predicament.

The best way to help prevent blistering on your feet is by switching to liner socks. 

What Are Liner Socks?

Liner socks are breathable and easy to move around in. They’re usually worn under thicker outer socks, much like the first garment layer of clothing beneath your actual clothes. Wearing liner socks under your actual socks is recommended if you hike or run regularly. 

Liner socks are made from materials that transfer moisture from your skin to the outer sock to reduce your foot’s exposure to sweat.

How Do They Prevent Blisters?

Blisters form when your feet start sweating in your socks. Sweat becomes a lubricant that makes the heel of your foot rub against the back of your shoe. With enough time, your feet may start to blister. 

Take, for example, cotton socks. Cotton socks are not the best choice for hiking. Cotton is a highly absorbent material that locks in the moisture, causing your feet to sweat even more. And blisters aren’t the only thing that a pair of sweaty socks can leave. They can also leave an unpleasant odour in your shoes. 

With liner socks, moisture is relocated to the outer sock. They act as protective armour for your feet. 

What Materials Do They Come In?

Liner socks are often made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, which are popular sportswear materials. If you’re not comfortable with synthetic socks, the most recommended type of liner sock is lightweight wool because of its weather regulating qualities.

These materials dry fast, which is helpful if your feet tend to sweat easily. 

Are They Worth It?

Yes! Liner socks are handy in many ways. Aside from being helpful to athletes and people who live active lifestyles, they are also great for warm and cold weather. You can use them on their own when things are a little hot to prevent your feet from sweating. 

The same thing goes for when winter comes around. To keep yourself warm, you’d probably need a thick pair of socks. When you wear liner socks, you won’t be compelled to remove them because of the cold. 

Just remember: liner socks are meant to be thin. The thinner they are, the better. Sometimes since sock thickness often dictates the price of a pair of quality socks. But as thin as liner socks are, they are made from strong material and are made to last a long time.


Liner socks are a wardrobe must-have if you want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, free from blisters. They’re made of quality materials that soak up moisture that can introduce friction in the shoe.

Make sure you get lots of pairs to use on alternating days.

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