Putting Your Foot Down - How Different Socks Make a Statement

Putting Your Foot Down - How Different Socks Make a Statement

Most people don't pay too much attention to their socks' appearance and colours, especially since they're usually covered within your footwear. However, their lowkey presence in your outfit has a strong impact on your overall attire. Much like subtle accessories, socks deliver a significant effect on the composition of your look.

The Art of Understanding Sock Styles

People don't usually understand what doesn't work with an attire until they see it themselves. This can lead to numerous awkward interactions in public, especially if you're in a formal meeting. Thankfully, you don't have to embarrass yourself by having mismatched socks with your attire. Instead, you can use this guide to teach you the different visual and tonal directions of sock colours and patterns.

In this article, we'll share five sock styles and what they say about your outfit.

1. Plain Black Socks

Starting with a safe favourite for many, plain black socks are fit to wear for business or smart casual events. It's an excellent complement to formal wear, especially if you have to show up in a corporate setting. 

While it may seem like a rigid article of clothing, there are other ways to spice up your black socks. In addition, although it's common to have visibly coarse socks, it may be more surprising to sport shiny dress socks that may be more to your liking.

2. Plain Brown Socks

Although black typically works well with all colours, it doesn't always mean they're the best choice for all outfits. For example, black socks can't compare with the value of brown socks with earth-toned attires. 

Plain brown socks come in different shades to give more accent to the other layers of your clothing. However, keep in mind that earth tones generally tend to fade into the background. For this reason, you should be more mindful of your colour combinations from bottom to top.

3. Striped Socks

Once you're more comfortable with your clothes, you should consider going beyond plain and safe options. The simple addition of vertical or horizontal lines to socks can complement the texture of your look. Since lines can appear in different widths and spaces, you have variability in matching your socks with your overall attire.

4. Block-Patterned Socks

Remember that patterns have a unique effect on people's perceptions in specific environments. For example, block patterns offer a bolder statement to your look. Checkered patterns don't necessarily work best with fancy events, but they look great in corporate settings. They show a preference and affinity to order and structure, making you appear more like a manager than a standard employee.

5. Argyle Socks

The stylistic Argyle pattern takes its roots from medieval Scotland, bringing with it a fashionably alluring design to your layered clothing. This design of interlocking patterns makes you appear more classy and old-school, which can look fun or formal, depending on how you wear them.


Matching your socks with your attire is just as important as pairing your belt and wrist accessories with your footwear. However, the rules above don't strictly mean you shouldn't explore opportunities to experiment. 

Remember that fashion is all about finding something you're comfortable with, so it's best to try something out to see if you can pull it off. This is why you should expand your options when looking for clothing stores that fit your style.

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