Two Easy Sock Maintenance Habits You Need to Adopt

Two Easy Sock Maintenance Habits You Need to Adopt

We have all been in the situation when we have a sock (or two, or three) that have seemingly lost their pairs. In times like these, most people will open their sock drawer and find a topsy-turvy mess. To avoid facing this problem, you need to know how to fold and store your socks correctly. 

This blog post will shed some light on sock care and maintenance tips you will benefit from in the long run! Once you master these tips, you will find that they are easy to incorporate into your laundry habit. If you have a messy sock drawer and want to improve your situation, this blog post is for you!

Two Easy Sock Maintenance Habits You Need to Adopt

Losing one of your socks is like losing the whole pair. You will not wear one sock, especially if it is part of your work outfit. If you have a recurring problem of having to look for your socks, there are two essential habits you may want to start doing today!

Keep Your Socks Organized

To prevent your socks from getting lost in the laundry pile or your drawer, it is a good practice to keep them together. If you had just gotten them out of the dryer, immediately pair them up and fold them together. A good idea to help you do this is to take the ends and fold them outward onto the sock to help them stick together.

This way, you will never have to wonder where the other pair is because they will semi-permanently be attached to teach others. The same habit should go into putting them into the laundry basket. Once the socks come off your feet, do the same folding technique.

Sock Maintenance Habits

On top of keeping your socks together to avoid a messy sock drawer, you need to practice proper care and maintenance on your sock to help them last longer. After all, you would never want to wear a pair of socks with holes in them. That can make for an extremely uncomfortable day, especially if you have to walk around a lot. 

Proper maintenance all starts with washing your socks. To prevent them from fading when you put them in the washer, wash them inside-out. Also, avoid using brushes and other products that are too abrasive to your socks to prevent them from getting frayed and damaged in the wash.

When you dry your socks, avoiding the dryer altogether is a good idea. Hang them inside-out in the sun to dry to avoid them from warping.


Now that you know these helpful storage and maintenance tips for your socks, you will probably never see a missing pair again!

Although your socks will inevitably succumb to wear and tear someday, you will be bound to see this happen less often if you properly take care of your socks and fold them properly. Also, choosing high-quality socks will help you avoid the need for buying a new pair of socks too often as they will be stronger than cheaply made socks.

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