What Are Combed Cotton Socks and Why Should You Get Some

Our feet often do not get as much attention and love as other parts of our bodies. And we definitely should change this. After all, our feet literally carry our weight. From walking and running to merely just standing, our feet go through a lot but don’t receive much love.

We should make an effort to take better care of our feet. And one way to do this is to wear comfortable footwear.

Our feet spend a lot of time wrapped in our socks. So it only makes sense to purchase soft and quality socks for our feet. It shouldn’t just be about whether the designs look great. We should also consider what materials our socks are made of because these definitely make a difference. One type of sock that could provide your feet with the comfort they need is the combed cotton sock.

What Is Combed Cotton?

Combed cotton is a much softer version of ordinary cotton. The process of combing cotton makes it more robust and softer at the same time.

After the cotton is picked, it undergoes a highly developed treatment process that includes separating and lining up the cotton fibres in the same direction. Although time-consuming, it is worth it since this process makes the cotton stronger and more durable. 

Using a remarkably fine brush, the cotton fibres are combed to remove any impurities and ensure that only the strongest and straightest fibres are left. This is important because removing the short fibres can prevent the cotton from tearing or fraying.

Pros of Using Combed Cotton Socks

Because of the combing process, combed cotton is stronger than regular cotton. This is a critical aspect to have in your socks because you want them to last you a long time. Combed cotton socks are also less likely to unravel or fray.

Aside from being more durable, combed cotton socks are also softer and gentler. They’ll feel great on your feet and will work well with people who have sensitive skin. Sometimes, people can get allergic reactions such as rashes and itch due to the materials in their socks. So, if you have particularly sensitive skin, combed cotton socks can be an excellent option for you.

How to Care for Combed Cotton Socks

Combed cotton is handled with extreme care from when the cotton is picked until it’s turned into socks. So, it would be best if you also practised care when handling your combed cotton socks to preserve their quality.

You can machine wash your combed cotton socks as long as you use cold or warm water. Hot water might shrink the cotton, so it’s best to avoid it. You should also use a normal wash cycle. Tumble dry it on low and immediately remove it from the dryer if you don’t want wrinkles. If your socks do get wrinkled, you can remove them with an iron or steamer.

Final Thoughts

Our feet do a lot for us, so we should take proper care of them by giving our feet only the best quality of socks. Cotton combed socks are stronger, more durable, softer and gentler than regular cotton socks. They might cost a little more, but the quality they offer is definitely worth it.  

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