Why You Should Always Keep Your Socks Clean and Dry

Why You Should Always Keep Your Socks Clean and Dry

Admit it, you don’t like the feeling of wet socks—and the truth is that nobody does! But it’s more than just comfort that’s concerning when wearing damp, ill-fitting socks.

While sweating is natural, and socks will get dirty one way or another, wearing the same pair of socks more than once can lead to some concerning outcomes for your feet. 

Here are some compelling reasons you need to keep your socks clean and dry at all times.

To Avoid Athlete’s Foot

Almost everyone has heard about athlete’s foot. But if you haven’t, it’s a type of fungal infection that is caused by sweaty feet cramping in tight-fitting shoes. A rash then develops in between toes that cause irritation and burning sensations around the foot. In such cases, doctors need to prescribe antifungal medication to treat it.

But just because it’s called “athlete's foot” doesn’t mean that all athletes will have to deal with it—nor does it mean that only athletes are affected by it! As such, you must change your socks every day with clean and dry pairs to reduce the likelihood of you getting it.

The feeling of this infection is far from comforting, so if you live an active lifestyle and not want to run into this problem, it’s best to always use clean pairs of socks and wear shoes in the right size.

To Maintain Proper Hygiene

Can you smell your own feet even without taking your foot out of your shoe? That is already a sign of bad hygiene! 

While most people already know that feet can stink, it’s a totally different story if you can smell it while walking or others can smell you from afar. Poor hygiene can be really embarrassing and make you avoid people, which can have some long-lasting effects on your self-esteem. 

To Ensure Absolute Protection

When you sweat through your socks, your feet become more lubricated and will most likely scratch on the surface of your shoes’ heels. This can cause blistering, which can impede your performance when you’re working out or even when you’re just moving around. Clean and dry socks prevent this from happening, which is why most work-out socks are made to be breathable.

To Keep Complete Comfort

It’s a lot more comfortable walking barefoot than walking around in damp socks that smell. When every step you take is dry and feels clean, you can walk a lot more comfortably around people. You don’t have to worry about anyone thinking you smell, and you end up becoming more sociable because of it!

Comfort is also important when you’re working out or running some miles. When you’re protected and don’t experience any discomfort, you can focus more on the workout and less on the pain that may come from your feet.


Changing your socks and washing them properly is a hygienic practice that you have to keep up with no matter what. Wearing clean and dry socks every day can put you in a better mood than having to reuse dirty and damp socks from the previous day.

So if you find yourself running out of socks to wear at the end of the week, it’s either you have a lot of catching up to do in laundry, or you just don’t own enough pairs of socks!

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