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70gsm fine - Laundry Bag

Small Laundry Bag

Small Laundry Bag

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Introducing our Sockdaily Laundry Bags – the perfect solution for caring for your delicate garments. Designed to keep your Daily's safe and separate during washing, these bags minimise the risk of damage in the washer or dryer. Not only do they protect your socks, but they also promote a more sustainable laundry routine by extending the life of your clothing. Choose our laundry bags for an eco-friendly way to ensure your garments stay in top condition. 🌿🧦

Shop now and add a Sockdaily Laundry Bag to your routine, making laundry day simpler and more sustainable.

Embroidered logo, 70gsm, and Zip

Material / Blend

100% Polyester fiber

Make: Designed in Melbourne, Australia. Made in China.

Complimentary Laundry Bag

Delicates bag included for that extra care for order of 4+ pairs


Bag size: 30 x 25cm

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"Absolute quality. These socks are made from premium quality materials and hey you can never have too many socks." - Alison

  • Crew cut length

  • 200 needle thread

  • Seamless Toe Closure

  • Reinforced heel & toe

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Extra Care

Laundry Bag

Helping you care for your Daily's – it's good for both you and the environment. This washing bag keeps all of those garments separate, reducing any risk they might get damaged in between trips through washer or dryer! 🧦